The Editorial Board of the IOMP Journal Medical Physics International congratulates all colleagues with the coming International Day of Medical Physics! 

On November 7th, the International Organization for Medical Physics (IOMP) will celebrate the 2nd International Day of Medical Physics (IDMP). The theme of IDMP 2014 is ‘Looking into the Body: Advancement in Imaging through Medical Physics’.

The day was chosen by IOMP in recognition of the pioneering research work on radioactivity of Marie Sklodowska -Curie who,on that day in 1867, was born in Poland.

IDMP is an annual event in which all 80+ National Organizations of IOMP and countries all over the world shall celebrate the impact of Medical Physics on daily lives of millions of humans, whether patients, workers or members of the public worldwide, and raise awareness of the important role Medical Physicists play in the clinical environment as well as in education, research and development of sophisticated medical technology.

Current Issue

Med Phys Int (MPI), 2015 Vol.3 No.1

General Content of MPI

History of Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics
Appropriate Technologies in Radiation Medicine
IOMP Survey - Number of Female Medical Physicists
Medical Physics Status in Cuba
AAPM Resources for Medical Physics Education
SAFRON, Improving Safety in Radiotherapy
The Pioneering of e-Learning in Medical Physics
IAEA Regional Meeting (Europe) - Summary
IOMP Awards 2015
Book Review "Radiation Protection in Medicine"
PhD Abstracts

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