The IOMP Journal Medical Physics International (MPI) has now completed its second year since the first issue of the Journal in April 2013. In this period MPI attracted more than 110,000 visits and has about 4000 readers per month.

The first 4 issues of MPI (vol.1 and vol.2) include c.260 pages of articles and 840 pages approved abstracts from Conferences. A number of the papers related to education/training, professional issues and industry innovations have attracted several thousands of readers, each.

The Editors and Editorial Board of the IOMP Journal Medical Physics International are grateful to all colleagues who have submitted papers for publication in MPI and contributed to this success of the Journal.

Current Issue

Med Phys Int (MPI), 2015 Vol.3 No.1

General Content of MPI

History of Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics
Appropriate Technologies in Radiation Medicine
IOMP Survey - Number of Female Medical Physicists
Medical Physics Status in Cuba
AAPM Resources for Medical Physics Education
SAFRON, Improving Safety in Radiotherapy
The Pioneering of e-Learning in Medical Physics
IAEA Regional Meeting (Europe) - Summary
IOMP Awards 2015
Book Review "Radiation Protection in Medicine"
PhD Abstracts

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